Previous Website Modifications

Initial design for web pages designed with Photoshop

Below is a series of jpgs that will be the basis for my site. This will be the start of the base pages. I will still be using the script to make the text cycle and the images rotate. For the portfolio pages I will have simple animations on the circuit board layout. I am still devising a better layout scheme for the individual portfolio pages but I am well on my way.  I plan to build the site from scratch to eliminate the junk code (I have been building on the same layout for over two years and there is a substantial amount of junk code).

Opening up the width of the page will allow for more visual content. The animation for the image bar at the top and the cycling text for the recommendations will remain the same with adjustment for timing in the sequence displayed.

The portfolio sections will have a more modern approach to the navigation with small animations of the circles appearing at different timed intervals and roll over colors will be added as well.

In keeping with the overall design the Featured Client section will be changed with the logos being the navigation just a bit larger.

The individual pages of the Featured Client sections will be adjusted to the new look with an animated gallery button similar to the Portfolio sections giving more prominence to the photo gallery attached.