Logo Branding:

Designing a logo can sometimes incorporate more than your average print and online use. Logos can often be animated on visual platforms such television.

For best results vector art is required for proper animation of a logo. This logo was created with Adobe Illustrator and then animated with Adobe After Effects.
The logo displayed below shows a simple three second animation as it could be used on a solid black background. Many times logos will be used in some variation of its' original design and as such examples will be used to display the appropriate use and animation. In this case how it would appear on a black background as an end bug to a video production.

On a live feed broadcast the logo has been changed to contrast more naturally with a filmed background in three animated forms; an animated build bumper display, animated lower third display, and a corner display bug.

Working with Sound:

Audio is an important part of the film editing process. Audio has such an impact on what we see visually that it can alter how we perceive an image or images. Below is a sample of how audio can drastically change how an image is presented.

Originally the following film had a nice mellow guitar track. By replacing the previous music with a custom track made from various sound bites obtained from the film has a more dramatic feel to it.

Short Film:

Using stock photography to illustrate the individual scenes this three and a half minute short animation combines the use of several Adobe products to produce the final outcome seen below. Borrowing from H.P. Lovecraft the story was inspired by the combination of two different student writers short stories with a Lovecraft twist.

The audio consists of source files from and additional soundbites along with narration recorded with a Tascam.