Final Website Changes and Review

After posting the site live I went to Facebook to promote my page. I was declined posting due to using a non approved Facebook logo. After some research I found the required logo for the background I had already designed. Since I could only use a white facebook logo it changed the feel of the site and as a result I ended up eliminating all the blue text. It's not exactly what I was after but it's not bad and does create a more balanced feel overall. I was also able to display my logo on the browser window tabs by adding this bit of script before the end of the header info tag:

The site has been tested on 4G and 3G phones, 12MB and 40MB internet speeds. I also tested the site on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. I tend to overlook Internet Explorer now as many sites have issues with IE and the browser soon be discontinued and will be replaced by Microsoft's Spartan. Testing for that browser will be interesting...